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NO Spam: Qixit Kicks It Out!

  • NO unwanted spam in your inbox Forget spam filters!
  • Advertisers have to PAY YOU to get their message delivered!
  • YOU choose the kinds of ads and how much they have to pay you!

While we all like getting deals from advertisers we want to hear from, nobody likes unwanted, uninvited messages from strangers and advertisers clogging their inbox.

With your Free Qixit Email account, we stop spam THREE WAYS:

First, Qixit Protects Your Address

Your information is totally secure with Qixit (pronounced "Kicks It"). Qixit never shares your email or other personal information with any advertiser. If they want to reach people who are interested in their products or services, we deliver their message for them . . . but only after they pay for your attention.

The only way advertisers can ever get your email or name is when you give it to them, like by making a purchase or requesting more information from them. 

Second, Sender's Have to Pay YOU for Your Attention

Even if you give an advertiser your Qixit address, they still can't spam you, because their emails won't be delivered unless they pay the rate you have set for them.

To send even one email to your inbox, advertisers have to deposit enough money to pay your rate! That immediately stops spammers. They depend on quantity, not quality.  But legitimate advertisers are willing to pay you for your attention.

It's amazing how just charging marketers cuts down on unwanted spam.  It eliminates the ones who'd rather go for the easy "free" emails they can grab.  Qixit only lets legitimate advertisers, who value being able to reach you, to reach your inbox when they are willing to pay you for the privilege.

This also works great for keeping out other people you don't want to hear from,  like your ex or that creep from the office!  You can price them right out of your inbox!

Third, Qixit Employs an "Intelligent Security Loop"

Qixit has Three Levels of "Intelligent Security" built into our system. This is our invisible "secret weapon."  It shuts the door on unwanted emails.

Qixit security is so far beyond any existing email system, it's like a military stronghold keeping your inbox and your messages encrypted and secure.

First of all, Qixit is a completely closed-loop system, so advertisers have to be prescreened and accepted into the system to even reach your Qixit email in the first place (and remember, they have to pay you to do so).

Second, every single Qixit email is fully-encrypted, which means your messages are delivered through our own secure channel with no "side trips" for hackers to see. Plus, all of your incoming and outgoing messages are tracked and authenticated. It's like having a CIA security clearance. Bottom line, you will absolutely know that your message arrived and that it only went where you sent it.

It also means that fake messages and phishing simply can't happen. Won't that be a relief?

Incoming messages are all traceable to the address of origin and a registered sender's account. You won't get any of those mystery mails that are so troublesome. You'll KNOW exactly who the sender is every time.

  • 100% Spam Free
  • Ultimate Privacy
  • Encrypted Security
  • Message Tracking
  • Address authentication
  • Fraud protection

Finally, Qixit Security is smart enough to learn the kind of marketing emails you like, and those you don't. This goes way beyond most spam filters, that can only block by domain or IP address.

Your Free Qixit Email account learns what you like and don't like . . . and it acts like an administrative assistant, blocking any unwanted messages from your inbox before they even get sent.

BONUS: Qixit is So Secure, You Can Even Send Cash!

Qixit's closed-loop system does more than block spam. Qixit is so secure you can actually send and receive money right from your account.

Internet experts agree existing email programs are unsafe and not secure for sensitive information. Hackers and identity thieves know how to snag your personal information right from normal email messages. But not with Qixit!

Through our high-level encryption, Qixit lets you do things with email you would never dare to do before.

The Qixit Revolution

Getting your Free Qixit Email account is just the first step. Qixit puts you on the cutting edge of a revolution in how direct advertising should done in a way that PAYS you for your time and attention while also protecting your email privacy and security.

Every day we're adding more ways you can use the money you earn in your Qixit account to buy the things you want. We're working on all sorts of cool things right now that will open even more options for our members:

  • Make online purchases from 5 cents through hundreds of dollars
  • You never have to fear identity theft or credit card theft with Qixit
  • Soon Qixit will make it possible for you to send and receive money through your email account
  • You will be able to pay regular bills right through your Free Qixit Email account
  • Members will be able to safely send private documents, legal contracts, even bank and credit card numbers through the exclusive Qixit system

It all adds up to the kind of worry-free email you can trust completely from now into the future.

Imagine the Speed and Convenience
Send money to anyone, anywhere, anytime

That's what Qixit is creating. We've kicked up security so many notches that money transfers will be a snapall from your account.

Since we've set it up to pay cash right into our members' accounts, we're making it possible for you to use the same secure system to pay lots of bills and other accounts, all from your secure Free Qixit Email. Get yours today!

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